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  Shop Floor De-greasing

Oil and grease build up on concrete floors can pose a serious slip fall hazard in your facility. Many businesses face this situation from gas stations and vehicle service stations to manufacturing and industrial facilities. These hazards may come from vehicle oil, forklift traffic or as a bi-product of a manufacturing operation.

We can provide complete degreasing of any surface using our 180 degree hot pressure washing system. We also utilize the highest quality citrus and alkaline based cleaning agents to insure your floor is cleaned as close as possible to its’ original condition.

We also offer acid etching to strip and restore your floor if needed in preparation for painting or floor coatings.

Another key component of interior floor degreasing is the disposal of the wastes that are generated. Many older commercial buildings are not equipped with proper drainage for the oily wash water that is generated during this type of cleaning. At Trans Clean we have truck mounted vacuum systems that will reclaim over 1,000 gallons of waste wash water per day. During the cleaning process we simply deploy as much vacuum hose as needed to reach the area being cleaned and all waste is stored in our truck mounted holding tanks for transport and disposal at our permitted facility.

Give us a call if you have any questions.

FREE waste water collection and disposal for Commercial Jobs
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