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  Brick Cleaning & Restoration

New Brick Wash Down
Post construction cleaning of newly installed brick is the final step in the building process of new buildings. Removal of mortar smears and construction dirt will leave your new building looking uniform in appearance. We apply only the latest in brick cleaning detergents that insure your building is cleaned in the most effective and safe manner.

Mildew Removal
Brick can be a very attractive environment for mold, mildew
and algae growth. These conditions may occur on lower sections of your building, behind shrubs or on the side of your building least exposed to the sun. At Trans-Clean we have the ability to remove these surface contaminants utilizing environmentally safe products and hot water pressure washing. This type of cleaning should be completed as regular maintenance on an annual or bi-annual basis.

White hazy or powdery stains typically most visible on red colored brick be completely removed. We will apply a generous application of the proper acidic detergent followed by a moderate rinse to remove these unsightly stains and provide your building with a freshly cleaned look.

Calcium Deposits
Hard crusty deposits that are typically visible in areas where there are moisture problems on a building or masonry structure. With the correct application of an acidic detergent and light agitation this condition is usually easily rinsed off.

Aged Brick Restoration
When it comes to old brick buildings, with age comes discoloration and staining. Typical stains on natural brick surfaces will include carbon, rust and environmental pollutants. These types of stains usually penetrate the surface and require a deeper cleaning using a strong acidic restoration detergent. Testing is usually done prior to determine sufficient results.

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