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  Equipment and Methods

Our Service Vehicles:

Our customized fleet of service vehicle’s are all equipped with the latest in pressure washing technology. Each vehicle has an on board self generated hot water pressure washer. This allows us to heat the water to 180 degrees to provide the optimum rinsing action when we clean your home.

Our vehicles are also equipped with GPS technology which allows us to pinpoint their location and guarantee an on time service call to your home.

Lastly, all of our drivers carry two way radios for constant communication between management and the job site to guarantee your satisfaction with the cleaning we are providing.

Our Methods:

We apply our detergents using a “down stream” method in which they are applied directly under low pressure through our pressure washing system. After coating a surface with our Mildewguard Detergent and allowing sufficient dwell time we then thoroughly rinse using 180 degree hot water.


Windows & Glass:

The final step to pressure washing a house should always be to flood rinse all windows and glass surfaces. Keeping the windows wet during the cleaning and thoroughly rinsing will typically leave your windows with few streaks. There always exists the possibility of water streaks drying on your windows. These streaks can easily be removed with a moist paper towel because our detergent is water based and safe for all glass surfaces even when it dries.

MildewGuard Detergent:

Trans-Clean Corporation is the only authorized user and distributor of Mildew Guard detergent. Our special blend of mildew removers, mildew inhibitors, and cleaning agents ensure complete and effective removal of mildew from all types of surfaces. We also guarantee that the mildew will not reappear on any home for one year or we will return and rewash the area at no cost to the homeowner.

Give us a call if you have any questions.

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