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  Connecticut Wash Water Disposal Laws - Our Process

Connecticut Wash Water Disposal Laws
- Our Process -

Connecticut General Statutes
Section 22a-430 of the Connecticut General Statutes requires that after May 1. 1967, no person may initiate a discharge to the waters of the state without first obtaining a permit. Therefore, anyone who initiated such a discharge after that date must apply for a permit. The state will not allow penance for untreated discharges of cleaning wastewater to surface streams, the ground surface, or storm drains. Should you currently be employing such a method of disposal you should immediately terminate your activities and find an alternative. acceptable means of disposal. Should we determine that any person is practicing such disposal methods we will institute appropriate legal actions for fines and/or imprisonment.

Trans-Clean Corporation has worked along with the CT. DEP to help establish regulations and develop containment systems for the mobile truck washing industry. However at Trans-Clean we realize we are making a difference in protecting the environment.

Collecting the wash water generated on a customers site is only the first stage of operating a complete vehicle washing operation. Mobile fleet washing contractors must then legally dispose of the wash water somewhere. Transportation should also be noted here. Wash water runoff generated in cosmetic vehicle cleaning operations is legally transportable and not considered a hazardous waste. Our custom service vehicles are equipped to carry enough wash water to clean any size vehicle fleet in CT.

There are currently two legal means of wash water disposal. The first, is for the fleet washing contractor to transport it to a local sewage treatment facility. The contractor must then pay a per gallon fee to discharge of the wash water.

The other legal way to dispose of the wash water is to transport it to a location that is state permitted with an approved grit oil water separator unit, such as Trans-Cleans' facility. Although it is an expensive and long process to have an oil water separator system installed, in the long run it allows us to provide our customers with lower vehicle washing prices because we do not incur the expense of discharging at a treatment facility each time we collect wash water runoff.

Trans-Clean Drain Cover System
The two solutions we have instituted into our system when a customer requests this method of cleaning are to block off the drain with a component foam, or with a drain blocking cover. The component foam method involves spraying down the foam around the entire drain. The foam then expands to a height of about four inches and hardens, forming a completely sealed dam around the drain. As the wash water flows to the drain, it is unable to pass through the foam, and is easily vacuumed up with our truck mounted vacuum system. The drain cover method involves laying down a water filled bladder cover over the entire drain. The heavy weight and design of the cover provides a seal around the drain. All the wash water generated puddles up and remains around the drain cover while our vacuum system continuously reclaims it.

When used properly in the right situations, these methods are completely legal and environmentally safe. Our policy at Trans-Clean is simple. The proper method of wash water containment and collection should always be used.


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